三十多年来, Immaculata大学 students have benefitted from the talent, 威廉的支持和鼓励. 卡尔, DMA, Steinway Artist, and a distinguished professor of 音乐 and piano at Immaculata. 现在, 以及他在大学的角色, 卡尔 is extending his expertise to a younger generation as he returns to his high school alma mater, 莫尔文预备学校, 作为第一位驻校学者.

卡尔, 1968年毕业于莫尔文预科学校, which is located about three miles from Immaculata’s campus, helped to formally launch the Scholar-in-Residence program with a solo concert on October 12 at the Duffy Arts Center on the campus of Malvern Prep. 这个项目的首个主题是创造力, so 卡尔’s objective is to underscore the pivotal role creativity plays in the learning and problem-solving processes. In fact, he is well versed in this topic, having founded Informance Associates, Inc., a consulting organization dedicated to creative problem solving and decision making for multinational corporations. During his career, he has presented to Fortune 500 companies across the U.S. 在国际上运用创造力来解决问题.

利用他深厚的专业知识, 卡尔 will guide Malvern Prep students through learning exercises aimed at equipping them with creative problem-solving techniques. He will showcase his own creativity by performing for the Malvern Prep community, which include concerts like the one he performed to launch the program. Accompanying 卡尔 in a series of concerts will be performers from the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music. 该系列演出将于12月开始, 季素贞主演, the first solo percussionist to receive the Avery Fisher Career Grant and faculty member in percussion at the Curtis Institute of Music.

“I want to show that learning can occur not only through assessment but through process, 促进和建模,卡尔说。. He intends to use 音乐al excellence as a living example of creative thinking in motion.

在学年结束时, 卡尔 hopes students will have acquired the ability to think creatively by deductively seeing problems through the lens of concepts as well as through analysis. He firmly believes that this approach affords students greater opportunities to generate solutions to existing problems, 超越了单纯分析的局限.

根据他的经验, the biggest challenge for high school and middle school students in understanding creativity will be analogy learning, 创造力的关键是什么. Whereas college students naturally have more life experiences to draw upon, he points out that this is where the younger students can utilize their motivational connections to sports, 或者其他兴趣, 我们可以将其与音乐表演进行类比.

“Bill 卡尔’s dedication to his craft is witnessed every day by the students at Immaculata who benefit from his commitment to teaching them. I have no doubt that the students at 莫尔文预备学校 will also experience the same mastery of his 音乐al performance and teaching talents,1972年的芭芭拉·莱蒂尔说, 伊玛库拉塔大学校长.



从莫尔文预科毕业后, 卡尔 received the Irving Berlin Fellowship for 研究生 studies at Temple University and then earned a 奖学金 to the 研究生 School of the Juilliard School in New York, 跟随世界知名钢琴老师学习钢琴演奏, 阿黛勒马库斯. He received his Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.  卡尔 continued his studies with post-doctoral performance certificates from the Munich Conservatory in chamber 音乐 and from the Liszt Conservatory in piano performance in Weimar, 德国. 拓宽他的教育, he earned a master’s degree in international relations/international 业务 from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

在伊玛库拉塔大学的30年任期内, 卡尔 has amassed accolades such as the Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award and multiple Teacher of the Year awards from the Steinway Piano Corporation. He has served as chair of the 音乐 department and has been a member of various academic and campus committees. He also initiated and hosted concerts at Immaculata featuring the Symphony Orchestra of the Curtis Institute of Music. In 2006, the Steinway Corporation added 卡尔 to their roster of Steinway artists.

As a prolific and sought-after pianist, 卡尔 has been invited to perform solo recitals across the U.S. and Europe at world-class venues including Carnegie Hall and Kimmel Center. In 2014, 他去了意大利, in conjunction with the International Opera Company of Milan, 作为施坦威艺术家在锡耶纳进行独奏演出, 佛罗伦萨和米兰.

卡尔作为教授的杰出成就, 顾问, 现场独奏钢琴家, and role model of excellence to Immaculata’s students are now being shared with a younger generation at a crucial stage in their personal, 社会, 以及学术发展.

“I am grateful to God for giving me this opportunity to use my talents in a unique way to broaden the perspectives of young students through 音乐al performance and creativity,卡尔说.



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